What is Dota Auto Chess? Useful tips and tricks to perform better in Dota Auto Chess.

What is Dota Auto Chess? Useful tips and tricks to perform better in Dota Auto Chess.


Dota Auto Chess is a turn based strategy game on the Community Hub from Dota 2. You can play this game for FREE when you download Dota 2 on your PC. It is certainly no chess and it is also not a Dota 2. But the character of the Dota 2 universe are implemented into Dota Auto Chess. You will play against 7 other online players. You basically have to defend your champion/”Chess” Player against the other units of the opponent Chess Player. Everybody starts with 100 HP. You lose if you have 0 HP. The last player who survive has won the game.

What is Dota Auto Chess and why it is so popular

How the game works

You will start the game with one dollar and can choose from 5 random selected units. After you won the game, the money will increase and you can choose again. Every unit has their own ability and synergy. For example. There are warriors, knights, mechs, etc. If you have tree units who are warriors, they will get an Armor bonus. If you have 2 mechs they will get an HP bonus etc. There are 52 different units which cost from between 1$-5$. You can maximal has 10 units on your chess board.

Tips for Dota Auto Chess

The following links to the Videos are from Amax and Trump (Not Donald Trump). They are knowing for their videos from Hearthstone. High ranked and skilled player. Check it out!

This is videos from Amax Hearthstone. Check out the link below!

Video for Beginners

This is a video from Trump. A Beginner guide

If you maybe already familiar how to game works and need more specific tips here are some videos. Next Video is a personal unit guide from Amax who are playing this game on a certain high level and has already done some good research:

Unit Guide Dota Auto Chess

After you playing auto chess a while you will realise that not only synergy is important to the game. Also how you place your units on the game. So take a look if you want to now more about the positioning. He will show you how to improve

Positioning Guide Dota Auto Chess

If you maybe are more a reader take a look to learn more about dota auto chess here


This are all useful tips to get better in Dota Auto Chess. Nevertheless you maybe need to be better in a game and need a general basic guide to be more successful in Gaming. Take a look at the following package and you will get a 40% discount. https://game-pioneers.com/getpro

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