Sevant Hearthstone Pro Player

Sevant Hearthstone Pro Player

Sevant plays Hearthstone on a professional level. Currently playing for Goblin Warriors. He came into Hearthstone because of his bad Internet connection. Believe it or not, you will find the full interview quotes below. Go check it out.

How you get into the pro gaming?

It’s a bit curious how I started playing Hearthstone. I used to play League of Legends but my internet connection was very slow, so I decided look for an online game that I could play with a bad internet connection, and I found the game Hearthstone. I started playing in 2016 and I get more professional in the end of 2017, when I joined my team, Goblin Warriors

What are you doing besides gaming?

I’m currently in the high school, I organize my studies with Hearthstone, and so I have been playing professionally during more than a year while I was studying in the high school

Can you live with the HS earnings?

Actually I can’t live with Hearthstone earns. Only few players can do it, but I hope that someday the Hearthstone earns became a good support for me

What keeps you motivated every single day to play HS?

I’m a very competitive person, so when I started playing Hearthstone, I wanted to be the #1 in the world. So I think i will been always playing until I win a World Championship. Then, I think i would change of game. But until it happens, the fact that I’m not the best in the game gives me motivation for playing

Strength and weakness

I think one strength I have is that I’m a very self-critical person, so I can see what I failed and try to do better next time. But I have some weaknesses that I try to fight every day. They are nervousness (I always play worse in stream or in offline events) and that I get tilted easily and my game level reduces when I get tilt because RNG facts

Last time you raged?

Well, there was a qualifier 1 week ago for a French tournament. I played in stream and I lost because I made some misplay, and I raged myself because I could win that game. I think that each day it pass, I rage less, and I hope that one day I will can play without get tilted.

I see. What makes you happy?

In Hearthstone, meeting with the Spanish Community and winning tournaments make me very happy

Yes this makes sense. What mean for you success? In your life general what is the most successful thing you have ever done for yourself in gaming or general in real life?

In my opinion, success is to get results after hard work. In Hearthstone, the biggest success for me was joining my team after some months of work. In my life, I think I’m younger for have lot of successful things (I’m 17 years old), but actually getting good marks after studying a lot, and then having time for playing Hearthstone is a success for me

Do you believe that positive mind-set help you in gaming? And with who do you play HS with? Are there more positive optimistic people or are they more like negative pessimistic people?

Yes, absolutely. When I’m happy I play better than when I’m stressed or sad. I play Hearthstone with Spanish guys that help me for testing for tournaments, but since the last months I have started to test with not Spanish people. They are positive people, I don’t like to play with negative pessimistic people

Do you do some sports?

I have played five years tennis (the last one a bit more professional), one year ping-pong and other year paddle. I love racket sports. But actually I don’t do a lot of exercise because I have not time. When I’m not playing Hearthstone and studying, I like playing other videogames, reading or watching films and series

Since you are now playing professional has there been a change with your friends or with who do you hanging around with?
And how important is your social life away from the virtuality?

No, my life have been the same since I started playing Hearthstone, moreover I have new friends because Hearthstone. I think it’s very important, because Hearthstone friends are people that I use to see only in events

Alright. Have you any goal for the future or what is the biggest goal you want to achieve in your life?

Next year I start university, so my goal in the near future is to finish my studies and win more things in hearthstone. The biggest goal for me would be to win Hearthstone World Championship, write a book, make a film, get a nice job… there’re lot of thigs I want to do

Any tip for people who wants to become a Pro Player?

I’m 17 years old. Yes I have an important tip for this people. Everybody can play Hearthstone competition, and if you are an amateur player and u want to try to playing more competitive, it’s free, so just give it a chance, u won’t regret of it. Also, don’t lose motivation if you don’t win lot of things. The result will reach after the hard work

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