Nalguidan Pro Player Hearthstone

Nalguidan Pro Player Hearthstone

Nalguidan is a gamer from Argentina and currently study architect. He is playing Hearthstone on professional level and can live with the earnings beside the university. He starts playing Hearthstone at its launch and start focusing only on Hearthstone and his education. Before Hearthstone, he played League of Legends and change it, because of the single player aspect.

Plays for @Furious GamingLA

Game-Pioneers could make an exclusive Interview with Nalguidan and sum up the important parts of the Interview to help the Gaming Community in there gaming. We didn’t put the whole Interview in. Only the major things what help the Gaming Community did make it to the summary. These are real quotes from the interview!

Why do you play Hearthstone?

“I liked more the single player aspect of HS”

Are you more a single player person, lone wolf?

“No, I just play Hearthstone right now.

But I still like to practice with people and exchange ideas about the game”

When have you decide to be a pro player?

I never decided it, it just came up when I started to qualify for important tournaments and do well”

What keeps you motivated to play HS?

“I’m not always motivated but it became my job so I have to do it”

How do you confront haters?

Hmm. I think I don’t pay much attention to those things any more
I just focus on myself, that’s how I approach the game
“I know when I’m playing good or bad.”

Do you raged very often?

I rage very often
Probably last time was end of last season November

Do you make any sport?

Yes I always made sports in my life currently just swimming and go to the gym

How long would you play Hearthstone? And Have you any tip for people who want to be a Pro Player

Idk if I’ll be playing Hearthstone in 10 years, would like to keep involved in E-Sports for sure

For people that want to be a proplayer my advice is to not go all in, not forget about other responsibilities, and being open to criticism and suggestions to learn

Thanks you for being interested in me, goodnight!

What can you take from Nalguidan Pro Player Hearthstone Interview Summary

  • Never decided to be a Pro Player. It just came up.
  • Don’t pay much attention to haters and complainers
  • Focus on yourself
  • Know yourself when you are playing good or bad!
  • Don’t forget about other responsibilities

On Twitter @Nalguidan

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