Verbo Professional Overwatch Player

Verbo Professional Overwatch Player

Verbo Professional Overwatch Player. He’s story about the glorification of a Pro Player. How he fights against rejection and how a swim instructor could be a Pro Player. All this on the interview below. Game-Pioneers tried to provide the players out there with interview quotes 1:1. Check out Verbo!

First at all I’m 19. I’m from Toronto Canada. I never really started playing games competitively always played for fun, on Nintendo DS or Xbox, but when I switch to the PC and played League of Legends and played it competitively that is when I’m started to play competitively and came to Overwatch.

What have you worked before?

Basically before I had the job as a proplayer I was a swim instructor and taught kids between the age of 4 15 how to swim. This job still help me today about progression myself.

When I’m growing up I defiantly not focusing on playing video games more likely on sport. Did a lot of Hocking, Swimming Soccer gymnastic tennis. Was very athletic.

Have you never thought about to be a pro soccer or pro athletic?

No it was never something that I want to pursue when I was playing sports, I just played sport to keep me kind of self-busy it was only something that I was for my self-enjoying

Nice, how hard is a life as a pro player now then before. Is life now harder or easy?

I guess it someway easy but also more difficult in the same time. It’s easy because the scene is bigger has a lot more resources your salary is sustainable, also like having a group of staff looking out for you. This is the fact of the resources.

I mean it’s a serious job now. In the end of the day its competition. You have to working hard you have to work beyond your expected hours. It’s easy and harder in the same time.

How many hours do you play the video game?

I like to play the game for around 6 hours. Watch footage of the game for about 2 hours. Totally spending like 8 hours in a day. To working towards to being better in the game.

Footage? What kind of footage do you looking for, other pro players strategy etc.? How you train how you improving your skill?

It depends. In terms of watching footage. I either look at my own gameplay if I want maybe a different opinion on the footage in a certain com. plays against each other or how somebody else plays my role in the game. I would look to another pro bots and compare my own gameplay to there and see where I can change my thinking.

Let’s go more into mindset as a person. What keeps you motivate every day?

For me is where I put my focus in. Initially my focus was to be winning. Waking up and win every game working to be a winner to be the best. And I found out quickly that wasn’t really effective and my joy is always fluctuation how I perform good or bad. So I quickly change that when I saw that happening.

My Main Focus is mainly progression. As a person. My motivation in overwatch is also tied in with how I’m improving as an individual. Like outside a game. For me Overwatch is helping me to become a better person. And learn about life and just maturing as a person.

How you act with rejection in video gaming.

Rejection is always what I battle with still battling with on this day. Incentually rejection is kind of evolve for me into a sense of fear and failure. Actually failure is somewhat is tied with rejection. Just constantly fighting to holding back. If I give my own and given my best and is still isn’t enough is constantly feels like I’m constantly rejected I’m failing. Just something what I’m constantly working towards. To kind of get better at. Given my 100 % and being okay with sometimes failing and being okay that going that not expected or undissipated.

What do you say to haters?

I don’t really paying any attention to this stuff, on reddit or social media or you know the gaming news rumours again. I’m more here to grow as a person, people who like to follow me or paying attention to me is great, I don’t pay really much attention to the haters so. Or anything like that.

From 1 to 10 how high is your self-confident level?

Right now is great 8-10. This is defiantly what I ‘m working towards in this pass years. I think having a lot of confident can be good or be bad it depends where you put it.

You sad in your videos on youtube video games is a place to escape. How you react with people who are mad at you. Is it easier in video to escape or in real life?

What is even more notable to mention is, before I was pursuing pro in gaming, I was pursuing it so I can move out of my house away from where I grew up because time was rough. I taught move to a different environment location would make things better. But that wasn’t necessarily the case. But when times moves on. And I learn to change my prospective of pursuing it to be an influence to the community pursuing to grow as a person. My prospective has change quite a bit. From when I first started as a pro. Again I was pursuing it for an escape I was pursuing it for a glorification of being a proplayer. The money, the title and what is gives to me. And things change to the better. I don’t pursuing it for those reason anymore.

When was your last time you raged?

I’m not typically a person who raged. I’m pretty good when it comes to controlling my emotion and like keeping a consistent mindset towards the game and emotion. I’m kind of like to leave the emotion out of it, when I’m in the game. Obviously frustration is very real when it get to the point when it not goes as expected. But it is not to the point when it’s like raged or overly angry.

Do you have supporters?

I would say my family. Fans online etc.

What does success means for you?

Where I put my focus. Currently my focus is progression as a person. And when I see that, that is for me winning. This is success for me

Do you believe positive mindset helps you in gaming?

Yes of course. Positivity is always good. Is never a bad thing

Do you play more with positive people or with negative people?

I defiantly you know put a lot of my attention who I m hanging around with. I ‘m a strong believer that bad company crowps good character. So obviously I defiantly hanging with people who are positive and encouraging and only make me better as a person. I hanging out with people who I can help them out as well.

Are you more optimistic person or realistic?

I’m very realistic and optimistic as well. More optimistic than anything. Obviously coming in situation or in a team different people have different views. So you can’t expect to be optimistic all the time.

For some people they like facts they like things the way the presented right then in the moment. I learn to adjust and adapt.

How important is your healthy. How you keep your life balance?

In terms of health, I m a strong believer to be healthy outside of the game in terms of eating habits. Diet physical activity that helps you to perform better in a game, so that is defiantly something what I’m focus on. Having a good diet, making sure my nutrition is good, and working out when I can.

Have you any goal in the future?

Not real a goal for the future I don’t want to set a script for myself, or like set this expectation or looking too far in the future. I m a person really like to live in the moment. I find that I am able peace and joy in that. Then before I’m growing up I always look at the future and always felt like to work on a certain goal. And I was never living in the moment and really enjoying where I was in the present time. I learn to kind of change my focus and perspective on that.

What do you want to say to your past Verbo or future Verbo

Tell myself with stuff I’m struggling with not to holding back at all. Obviously they will be rejection and failure at the time. And never grow as a person if you not give 100%

I’m not sure what to say to the future Verbo.

Tips to become a pro player?

If you want to do or pursuing to become a pro player or anything in life do it for the right reason. Actually when I was pursuing it for pro I was doing it for the wrong reason. I was doing it for to the glorification. For my selfish reason. It is all depends what you are pursuing for. I found out very quickly when I was pro, that things was very different. My reason should have change.

My main thing would be, pursuing for the right reason and don’t get cute off.

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