Why is the CS:GO Community toxic?

Why is the CS:GO Community toxic?

If you play video games you probably have experienced some players with emotional and extra ordinary language against your playstyle or gameplay. But why is for example in the CS:GO community more hate and toxiciness around in comparison to Hearthstone which is also a competitive game? And how can you protect yourself against such players who are toxic? More in the post below:

Counter Strike goes back to the last century. 1999 when it is first released and was a mod from the shooter Half-Life. The game went popular on the LAN and was over 10 years one of the most played online action shooter game and the most played e-sport game, which hasn’t really changed with Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

CS:GO was released on August 2012 and has still today on steam over 500’000 active player every day.

But what keep the players to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which has a lot of hate against Valve, with not improving the anti-cheat system and the Community itself?

Let’s start talking about the community.

If you play CS:GO you will experience some players who aren’t quite nice to you. They will probably blame about your gameplay, your skill, your preferred weapon choice etc. Of course they are always such people in every video game and in real life too. If you want to protect yourself against such people here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t react on his behaviour.

Yes this sounds simpler then it use to be. Because if someone screaming extremely loud about your bad gameplay it isn’t really easy to ignore him. You can mute him, ignore, and let it be or even laugh about him. I don’t recommend that, it could escalate very quickly if you laugh about him. But really don’t react on his behaviour. Focus on the game. You would give him credits for hating you.

  • Be nice and keep calm

Of course, how could I keep calm, if a guy like him saying bad things to me? If you want to keep the morality and the positivity up in the team, you have to stay calm and focus. Maybe you already have experience when in the opponent team someone starts to blame they own teammate, they will most likely lose the game. It always is easy to blame other people, but it doesn’t brings your further.

  • Don’t blame back

Really don’t blame back. If you don’t want to get blamed you shouldn’t blame other teammates. Sometimes maybe they had a rough day and want to play some video games and let their emotions out. Of course this is not a reason that they have to do it on you. You only know this guy for 5 minutes and will be with him more or less 1 hour. You can’t convince someone on a video game about his bad behaviour or his weakness to control his emotions.

Why are we playing CS:GO then?

What most of the CS:GO players brings back every single day is not about the cheaters or the haters, no it is the enjoyment playing in a team where you need rifle and tactical understanding and teamwork to win the game. You need a thick fur to fight against the haters in CS:GO. If you get pretty fast emotional or angry I wouldn’t recommend playing it. But if you do enjoy playing shooter and have a thick fur and maybe some team mates you can have a good time playing it.

Stay strong and don’t bring you down from some losers.

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