About Gamepioneers

Hi, I ‘m Gabriel and I am a pashioned Gamer. I play a lot of different types of videos games. I always like to interact with people while playing videos games. It makes me sad, if there was players they push their team mates down. In real life it wouldn’t even happen. But why online. They are no different. The feeling getting hurt on the same way as it does on real life far away from the video games. Because I always saw in them the spirit and the fun of playing games. So why not helping the Gaming Community to be a better place. I have invest already 10’000 hours of gaming in different categories and platforms. I play multiplayer games a lot and I know how difficult it can be to getting on a rank or to be successful. And here is the solution. Game-Pioneers. Everybody wants to win a game if there are playing. Or at least have fun with it. I have created a package which will help you to be better in your Game. I hope we will find us one day online or even in real life.




Gabriel CEO & Founder of Game-Pioneers ©

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