Adventures with Aloy / Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games is easily one of the most capturing action role-playing games released in the last few years. Published by Sony for PlayStation 4 on March 1st, I discovered it while looking for new Let’s Plays to watch in between study sessions. Soon after I had watched the first few videos, I knew that I had to get it for myself. What makes the game capturing to me is the combination of a diverse open-world, various side-quests, different combat techniques for different enemies as well as…


What is Dota Auto Chess? Useful tips and tricks to perform better in Dota Auto Chess.

Overview Dota Auto Chess is a turn based strategy game on the Community Hub from Dota 2. You can play this game for FREE when you download Dota 2 on your PC. It is certainly no chess and it is also not a Dota 2. But the character of the Dota 2 universe are implemented into Dota Auto Chess. You will play against 7 other online players. You basically have to defend your champion/”Chess” Player against the other units of the opponent Chess Player. Everybody starts with 100 HP. You…

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