Why is the CS:GO Community toxic?

If you play video games you probably have experienced some players with emotional and extra ordinary language against your playstyle or gameplay. But why is for example in the CS:GO community more hate and toxiciness around in comparison to Hearthstone which is also a competitive game? And how can you protect yourself against such players who are toxic? More in the post below: Counter Strike goes back to the last century. 1999 when it is first released and was a mod from the shooter Half-Life. The game went popular on…


Adventures with Aloy / Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games is easily one of the most capturing action role-playing games released in the last few years. Published by Sony for PlayStation 4 on March 1st, I discovered it while looking for new Let’s Plays to watch in between study sessions. Soon after I had watched the first few videos, I knew that I had to get it for myself. What makes the game capturing to me is the combination of a diverse open-world, various side-quests, different combat techniques for different enemies as well as…


What is Dota Auto Chess? Useful tips and tricks to perform better in Dota Auto Chess.

Overview Dota Auto Chess is a turn based strategy game on the Community Hub from Dota 2. You can play this game for FREE when you download Dota 2 on your PC. It is certainly no chess and it is also not a Dota 2. But the character of the Dota 2 universe are implemented into Dota Auto Chess. You will play against 7 other online players. You basically have to defend your champion/”Chess” Player against the other units of the opponent Chess Player. Everybody starts with 100 HP. You…

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