Pro Player Test

Welcome to your Pro Player Test

Have you a favourite game?
Harder is better in a video game! Or if it's too hard, I decrease the difficulty level.
If a mission  in a game is to hard, how long would you fight for it?

Have you ever thought about to be a proplayer?

Are you better then your friends in video gaming?

Do you like to play competitive matches?

What would you do if you lose a match on a certain map for 3 times in a row?

What do you do when people complaining about you ingame.

Do you know what kind of player you are?

Have you ever played in tournaments before?

Do you have a dream?
Have you ever accomplish something, what you really wanted?

How seriously are you playing video games?

Do you care about school, or social life?

With what kind of players are you hanging around with? Positive, Funny People, Negative Complaining People?

What would you do if you have 10000$

Have you ever copy a playstyle or setup of a proplayer.

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  1. very nice Survey….it’s kinda scary how accurate some answers were 😉

  2. My score is 21 lol i dont have much money to get a gaming pc and gaming accessories and i play random matchmaking somtimes good teammates a lot of time bad carrying them in facit mm, which makes me go toxic and rage over csgo.
    these quiz needs to be fix a bit its options are not that correct!
    when i see a player using expensive skins and playing like a noob that moment brings out the rage out of me.

    1. Hi Delta God Force.

      Thank you for participating this Quiz. Well of course this is true. Sometimes you get good teammates and sometimes teammates who you struggling with. But what Game-Pioneers believe is, everything starts with your mindset as a player. Why you rage over a player who has skins and don’t even play on your level?. That only proves, that you don’t need skins to be better and you can be happy with yourself, that you don’t spending your money on that! Tip from a Game-Pioneers for you: Focus more on the things how you can improve in your game or get better and not what others do or have. And put your rage energy perhaps in your improvement as a player. Much more outcome for sure!

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